The Greater Manchester Digital Blueprint


In Greater Manchester, we are doing digital differently. We are committed to being a digital city-region that puts our residents at the heart of our plans and are working towards our ambitions to be recognised as a world leading 100% digital city-region.

In February 2020, we launched the new Greater Manchester Digital Blueprint, which sets out a three-year approach to meeting our ambitions for our city-region, and will be reviewed regularly in line with the pace of digital change.

The Blueprint identifies five digital priorities. The priorities have been co-designed and developed with the input of key stakeholders and are supported by pan- Greater Manchester public sector projects.

Our plan connects the wealth of digital change that’s going on, and will help us reach a shared ambition that underpins and enables both the Local Industrial Strategy and the Greater Manchester Strategy.

The Greater Manchester Digital Inclusion Taskforce

To deliver this ambition we have set up the Greater Manchester Digital Inclusion Taskforce. The Taskforce is bringing together our GM Digital ecosystem of industry, VCSC sector, public sector partners, local government, and schools and health to identify and fund programmes, improve our evidence base and build a supportive community to work together to fix the digital divide.

The Taskforce will focus and shape an action plan to address the interrelated barriers to digital inclusion and the digital divide such as connectivity, accessibility, affordability, skills, motivation and confidence.

A new report by The Good Things Foundation and Liverpool University suggests that levels of digital exclusion is much worse than previously thought with over 700,000 people in Greater Manchester only using the internet in a narrow or limited way and a further 450,000 are classified as 'non-users.’

As many as 1.2m residents in Greater Manchester could be excluded in some way to access the benefits digital brings.

Our digital priorities

Within the Greater Manchester Digital Blueprint we set out our digital priorities, which are now clearly focused on delivering benefits that help our city-regions' people lead healthier and happier lives. Each of our priorities – co-designed and developed with the input of key stakeholders - are supported by pan - Greater Manchester public sector projects. These combine with inclusive community, local authority, private, not-for-profit and academic work.

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