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Salford’s “Digital Everyone” is a council led cross-sector collaboration working together to create 100% digitally inclusive city. We want to make sure no one is left behind as digital becomes the way to access services, communicate with organisations and interact with friends and family. So come on in and see where Digital Everyone can take you!

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A recycled smartphone and an eco-bag

Community Calling Smartphone Donation Scheme

Salford City Council and Salford CVS have teamed up with O2 and the mobile phone charity Hubbub to help people in need, but we’re asking for your help as well!


Salford's Tablet Gifting Scheme Closure

Salford’s Digital Providers Network scheme to provide 500 Lenovo tablets to digitally excluded low-income residents has now closed. We hit our limit of applications in less than a month, highlighting very clearly how much the people of Salford want to get online. Keep an eye on Salford City Council's social media and the Digital Everyone website for announcements regarding any new schemes we are able to offer.

Digital Device Appeal

Salford Council are working with My Outsourced IT to collect and redistribute donated devices to local schools and low income families. We believe that everyone should have access to a computer and social status should not stop that.

To find out more about My Outsourced IT’s green credentials visit green computing. You can also find out more about who and what they stand for over on their  Our Journey page.

Three men and one women

Salford’s HOST launches Skills City

Salfords HOST launches Skills City with a commitment to fast-track 450 technology career, starts each year for women and BAME community 

Digital Leaders week

Digital Leaders week

Are you a leader in the UK’s digital marketplace for ideas, initiatives and services? Is your organisation or place? If the answer is yes, then here’s your chance to demonstrate that. The 2021 Digital Leaders Week is now opening its doors for Partners and Speakers.

Young peoples tech committe

A bi-weekly meeting for young people to have their say on the Digital Everyone scheme.

The Young Peoples Tech Committee (YPTC) is part of the Salford Youth Council (SYC), a youth voice group for anyone aged 11-21 who lives, studies or works in Salford.  Every other Wednesday they meet with representatives from Salford City Council to hear about new tech developments in the city, and offer valuable ideas, insight and feedback on Digital Everyone programmes.

Key figures

Population of Salford
Number of households in Salford
Number of people we have supported to get online
Public access computers
Number of buildings with free public Wi-Fi
Number of older people that Inspiring communities have supported with digital skills
Number of BAME people that have been supported by NMCP

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