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Virgin Media O2 launches National Databank

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Virgin Media O2 and Good Things Foundation are about to launch the first ever National Databank. With this they will be delivering 7.5million GB of O2 mobile data to over 200,000 people who fall within the category of data poverty by the end of 2023.

"The launch is a direct response to the need for mobile networks to find a long-term solution to the data poverty crisis at a national level – by creating a collaborative, community-led platform that provides free mobile data to those who need it."

The National Databank will provide, via the Online Centres Network, a central hub where community groups can access free data codes and SIM cards for those who do not have access to the internet. Anyone accessing this service will also be offered free training and support to get online and be safe and confident. 

An initial three-month pilot is currently underway with 10 community organisations in the UK and is hoping to roll out soon. 

"The way we live our lives has changed. Services we used to access by phone, post or face to face now exist solely online. Almost every routine aspect of everyday life is now channelled through the internet, making the question of who does or does not have digital access critically important for society." - Local Trust

Read more about the National Databank

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