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Amplifying Digital Inclusion: NEC’s Impact

A Grateful Acknowledgment

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to NEC for their generous donation of 9 large 65” digital screens with stands and 14 tablets. These are more than mere hardware—they’re pathways to empowerment.

Creating a Ripple Effect

These devices will be gifted to members of Salford’s Digital Providers Network who have shared that lack of suitable devices is a barrier for them when delivering digital inclusion support. We are looking forward to delivering these digital screens to our network and sharing the impact they are this space for further updates.

NEC’s contribution reverberates beyond screens and tablets:

  • Skills Enhancement: These tools empower Salford’s digital providers network, bridging gaps in skills and knowledge.
  • Local Impact: Communities will thrive as digital inclusion becomes a reality.

Incorporating Social Values

Salford’s Commitment

Our Digital Data and Technology (DDaT) team is on a mission. We’re weaving social values into contracts, ensuring that digital inclusion isn’t just a goal—it’s a contractual imperative

Removing Barriers: A Data-Led Approach

We’ve engaged extensively with our network:

  • Resident Insights: Surveyed 200 Salford residents to understand their needs.
  • Data-Led: Utilising our Digital Exclusion Risk Index
  • Network Challenges: Conducted surveys with all 82 network members, identifying delivery challenges.
  • School Data: Gathered insights on children lacking access to remote learning.

By collating this information and facilitating existing support, we pose a crucial question to local businesses and organisations: How can we help you accelerate your support to residents? Whether it’s devices, broadband connectivity, or digital champion volunteers, every contribution matters. Let’s create a more inclusive city by removing these barriers.

Join us. Let’s amplify support—one screen, one tablet, and one pledge at a time.

Are you a local business that would like to help fix the digital divide?

Would like to help by pledge your support as NEC Software Solutions  did? If so please visit our webpage for more details as to how you can help fix the digital divide in Salford Empowering people through digital inclusion

Salford’s Digital Inclusion team would like to thank NEC Software Solutions  for their kind donation and share the impact this has had.

Are you a resident that would like support?

If you are a Salford resident that would like help to get online please contact us via Digital Everyone - Contact Us or call our Spirit of Salford Helpline 0800 952 1000 or you can visit our Gateways

Stay tuned for more Digital Wins as we celebrate one achievement each month!

About the author

Digital Everyone

The Digital Everyone project is part of Salford’s aim to become a Digital City, an ambition which forms part of our wider vision for a better, fairer Salford to improve resident’s lives.

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