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Free events to make coding fun and accessible for everyone.

A graphic design of work-related items on a desk and text about the Young Peoples Technology Committee

Salford Young Peoples Technology Committee

A bi-weekly meeting for Salford's young people to have their say on and contribute to Digital Everyone programmes and developments.

Need help? Join us for a Cloud Coffee and Chat

Cloud Coffee and Chat

During COVID-19 we can now come to you with our brand-new cloud coffee and chat sessions.

We’re now offering face to face chats with a member of your locality team via video calls to replace the drop in BetterOff sessions usually held in our Gateways.


Previous Events

Digital Leaders Week

Resident events during Digital Leaders Week, Monday 14 to Friday 18 June 2021

As a leader in the digital marketplace, we’re delighted to be involved again in this celebratory week for sharing digital ideas and initiatives. Eccles Gateway is hosting a range of events geared towards helping our citizens use digital technology to get the most out of their locality services.

Digital Leaders Week

Digital Leaders Week, 14 to 18 June 2021

Are you a leader in the UK’s digital marketplace for ideas, initiatives and services? Is your organisation or place? If the answer is yes, then here’s your chance to demonstrate that. The 2021 Digital Leaders Week is now opening its doors for Partners and Speakers.



Festival of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Flyer

Festival of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The very first the Festival of Entrepreneurship & Innovation is here to help students, alumni and citizens take the next big step in their career.

North West Works 4 U, Jobs Fair. Tuesday 6th – Thursday 8th April @ 11:00am

North West Works 4 U is a FREE Digital Job Fair Event.

A fantastic opportunity to explore some of the employment options & choices if you are looking for your first job, a new job or if you find yourself having to explore a change in career direction!

Salford Learning City 25th March 2021

Join us on Salford’s journey towards a dynamic, interactive Learning City, where everyone has access to a variety of opportunities that help them learn new skills, make new connections and build a better future

Introduction to crowd funding

Crowdfund Salford LIVE + Learn: Introduction to Crowdfunding 24th March 2021

Salford City Council is launching Crowdfund Salford (on Monday 22nd March 2020), an on-line means of raising finance for local community projects, as a practical example of its Salford Inclusive Economy Strategy. It will use the power of the crowd to help projects in Salford find the funding and support they need to turn their ideas into reality.

Digital Devices appeal

Digital Devices appeal

More than 3,000 children and young people in Salford are missing out on home schooling because they don’t have any digital devices or connectivity at home.

The Energise Centre logo

The Energise Centre

What's happening on line this month 

The Energise Centre is a community centre in Salford, from which statutory, community and voluntary organisations deliver health and wellbeing services, including a GP surgery.

They also do a number of online events.



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