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Digital Leaders Week 20th - 24th June 2022

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Digital Leaders Week is the biggest gathering of people focused on three key questions our organisations face during this accelerated period of digital transformation: What works? How to? And where can we get advice?

During this week we will be hosting events both online and in our Gateways/Hub and collaborating with our partner organisations. There are plenty of events to attend including the DL100 awards and workshops. Expect plenty of discussions, training, lectures and listening to some great speakers.

The Digital Inclusion Team will be showcasing the DERI (Digital Exclusion Risk Index) at Digital Leaders Week, it is an interactive visualization data software that showcases the data collected from Salford residents about their digital life, and how by understanding this we can start to bring about change in Salford to create a more digitally inclusive city. By determining where the demand is, we will be able to bring about change in these communities to achieve 100% digital inclusion. 

As well as this, we have a number of talks going on for the event, presented by our wonderful Digital Inclusion team.

Steve Fry - Thought Leadership    Matt Wall - Cyber Security within Local Authorities and Cultural Changes  

Claire Fewings - Salford's digital exclusion risk index and how we are using data to help Salford residents to become BetterOff    Scott Patterson - Building apps to streamline processes with Local Authority DevOps

If you would like more information or are keen to be involved please contact us using the link below

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The Digital Everyone project is part of Salford’s aim to become a Digital City, an ambition which forms part of our wider vision for a better, fairer Salford to improve resident’s lives.

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