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GMCA Digital Skills Bootcamps

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This year, the government is investing £2.5 billion in the National Skills Fund as part of its Plan for Jobs. The National Skills Fund will help adults to train and gain the valuable skills they need to improve their job prospects. As part of the National Skills Fund, the government has funded a wide variety of Skills Bootcamps, which offer adults aged 19 and over with the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.

The Bootcamps are about giving you access to digital skills in a way that's applicable and relevant to a career in the current digital climate. Most, if not all, will be suitable for people with no previous experience whatsoever, so whether you are unemployed, thinking of changing careers, coming back to work after an absence or any other circumstance there may be the ideal course to help you to switch to a career in digital.

The courses on offer are listed in short below (but there are more courses and lots more details on the Digital Skills Bootcamp website linked at the bottom of this post)

  • Digital Leadership & Analysing Data Skills Bootcamps - Babington
  • Digital Marketing Bootcamp - BuzzStart Academy
  • Software Development Bootcamp - Code Nation
  • Various Bootcamps - Firebrand Training
  • IN Digital Skills Bootcamps for Digital Technologists - Delivered by a consortium of organisations in Greater Manchester 
  • Data Analytics Bootcamp - Intequal Ltd
  • Digital Marketing Bootcamp - Novi Training and We Are Digital
  • Digital Marketing Essentials - Oxford Professional Education Group
  • Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing - We Are Digital
  • Skills Bootcamps in Coding - Northcoders
  • Various Bootcamps - QA
  • Free Skills Bootcamp in Software Development - School of Code

Each one of these offerings is absolutely amazing.

Varying in their outcomes, they cover a wide array of invaluable digital skills which will pave the way to amazing careers, most of them ending with direct support to take your new skills straight into a new career.

The Bootcamps are between 9 and 16 weeks long and have varying requirements for application.

Please do follow the link and read about each course. They will change lives.

More information and links to each of the courses.

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