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Salford Refugee Link

Salford Refugee Link

About them

The environment in which our charities operate has significantly changed since SARELI registered in 2005.

SARELI is feeling the pinch of increased demand from African Refugees, from African Asylum Seekers and from local services providers who are working with refuges and asylum seekers also from our network in third sector, yet despite these challenges remain incredibly resourceful and resilient. Yet it is widely accepted that infrastructure charities like SARELI must also adapt and innovate to meet the needs of diverse client base.

Over the past 5 years we have established strong working links with:

  • The volunteer centre at Salford CVS
  • Local Universities
  • The East Salford Community Committee
  • The Health Improvement Team
  • Salford City Council
  • The local police
  • Local Job Agencies: Job Centre
  • Local community groups
  • Salford Museum Art and Gallery

Working with these partners helped SARELI to improve the quality of his output (his services) to the users.

Partnership and collaboration is a key to SARELI Charities being able to deliver its range of affordable and accessible support and services. We simply could not provide the range and level of support without the help of our growing number of partner organisations that we work with. Almost every facet of our support relies in some way on the contributions made by individuals and organisations that share our vision of shared support and collaboration, from Volunteer Supporters providing free services to our users.

Fortunately the SARELI has the advantage of being able to work on a local level with individuals and organisations from all sectors to harness and broker the many offers and opportunities of support for and from refugees and asylum seekers. We exist to facilitate those connections and enable individual, refugee, asylum, migrant African family to help themselves and one another in a scalable and cost-effective way.

In light of this context, the charity has delivered the following activities to achieve its charitable build partnerships and collaborate with individuals, and supporting refugees in their integration process, help support services provider during their planning mainly for the project for the benefit of refugees and asylum seekers. We are promoting: Social Cohesion, Diversity, Racial harmony, Integration Our contribution toward building-up Green Salford, Safe place to live.

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