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Who we are

The Digital Everyone project is part of Salford’s aim to become a Digital City, an ambition which forms part of our wider vision for a better, fairer Salford to improve resident’s lives.

Digital inclusion is a major priority for us, we want to make sure that residents have the capability to use the internet to do things that benefit them day to day. We aim to ensure our residents have access to the kit, connectivity and are equipped with the skills they need to make use of our Digital City.

To help achieve this we have launched our Digital Providers Network, a co-ordinating network of digital partners and providers from across the public sector, voluntary and community sector as well as business partners. This network will serve to jointly tackle digital exclusion and will work collaboratively to find solutions for our residents. Why our work matters

With the world around us becoming increasingly digital, the access and capacity to use online services is a necessity. We are committed to digital accessibility and are determined to get thousands of the most vulnerable and digitally excluded residents online to fix the digital divide in our city.

Salford residents will not be left behind. Digital exclusion can have serious negative impacts on a person’s job prospects, education, health and wellbeing and finances. Through not having the digital skills and access to utilise the online world an individual is at an increased risk of falling into poverty.

We are committed to making sure this doesn’t happen anymore, with our team of dedicated partners ranging from businesses, community groups and charities we are focused on providing the solutions and access to devices, digital connectivity and skills to ensure no one is left behind.

Our aim

Our aim is to build a truly Digital City, one where our residents have the confidence, skills and access to the internet they need to gain the work, health and life benefits the internet provides.

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